Foster Farms Products Safe

by 5m Editor
5 May 2007, at 11:14pm

CALIFORNIA - Foster Farms is committed to producing the safest, most wholesome, highest quality and delicious poultry and poultry products. Based on recent media coverage about animal feed containing tainted products from China, the company has received numerous questions from concerned consumers.

Foster Farms would like to reassure their customers and consumers that their poultry products are not in any way affected by these events. Foster Farms poultry feed does not contain any wheat gluten, corn gluten nor any concentrated rice. Furthermore, Foster Farms does not import any protein ingredients from China for its poultry feed.

Foster Farms chickens are fed a highly-nutritious, balanced diet composed mostly of corn and soy meal, with added vitamins and minerals. Consumers can also be assured that Foster Farms does not use Roxarsone or any feed additives containing arsenic.

5m Editor