Small Town Looks To Turn Chicken Fat Into Power

by 5m Editor
10 May 2007, at 9:47am

US - For the Houston area to have an energy source first isn’t unusual, but the latest plan isn’t your typical black gold rush.

It’s about turning poultry into power.

“It’s basically just rendered poultry fat,” fuel engineer Charles Ake said. “And you turn it into Bio-Diesel.”

While that idea is catching on all over the world, the next step is a little more unique:

Energy from chickens – enough to power a small town.

“That is a pretty neat thing to say that your city is fueled with green power. I do like that. I’m proud of our city for doing that,” Oak Ridge North Mayor Fred O’Connor said.

The 1,200 households in Oak Ridge North can all be powered by a plant that creates fuel from fowl.

It’s a private venture with no government subsidies. The fat makes the fuel, and the fuel runs the generators that make the power.


5m Editor