UK: Little Sign Of Recovery For The Turkey Industry

by 5m Editor
11 May 2007, at 11:38am

UK - 12 weeks after the H5N1 virus was found at a Bernard Matthews plant and the industry is showing little sign of any real recovery. Data released yesterday by market research company Nielsen shows that latest weekly sales of fresh turkey through grocery retailers are still over 27% down versus the same period last year.

Since the outbreak in mid-February, 12 weekly sales of fresh turkey have declined 29% versus the 12 week period ending 29th April 2006. In actual terms this equates to a loss of £9.4m from the industry.

Eleni Nicholas, Group Managing Director ACNielsen UK & Ireland commented, “In the immediate aftermath of the outbreak we saw weekly sales of fresh turkey fall by over 45% YoY so at 27% down YoY we are seeing a definite slowdown in decline but recovery is sluggish and we do not foresee a return to growth in this sector for some time.”

Declines in Frozen turkey have also slowed but sales remain 33% behind last year for the 12 weeks ending 28th April 2007. Immediately following the outbreak weekly sales were down around 50%-60% YoY here.

Ms Nicholas continued, “When looking at total Turkey sales from February to April, Nielsen can also identify that 28% of households bought Turkey as opposed to 35% of the population for the same period last year – that equates to 1.8 million households dropping out of the Turkey market over the last 3 months.” In the latest 4 weeks, 3.5 million households bought into turkey as opposed to 5 million for the same period last year which equates to 30% less households buying.

Source: Kamcity

5m Editor