Waste Solutions Win Big At Awards Ceremony

by 5m Editor
8 May 2007, at 11:26am

AUGUSTA - Manure means business in Augusta County, and a local project to speed environmentally friendly approaches to livestock management recently won top honors.

The statewide association of Resource Conservation and Development Councils awarded the Verona-headquartered Shenandoah RC&D on April 27 with its outstanding project award for innovative marketing of poultry and cattle waste.

The award-winning Waste Solutions Forum is a consortium of farmers, academics and habitat specialists under the guidance of local RC&D coordinator Kathy Holm. They have pioneered connections between clean water and profitable agriculture.

Waynesboro native Jim Nichols, who serves on the Shenandoah RC&D Council, garnered top honors in the state for outstanding leadership and dedication.

Source: Newsleader

5m Editor