Bird Flu and Poultry Impact on Czech Republic

by 5m Editor
25 June 2007, at 12:05pm

CZECH REPUBLIC - Hundreds of turkeys were recently killed by the H5N1 bird flu virus at a farm in eastern Bohemia in the Czech Republic, according to the CTK news agency's Business News.

However, Czech poultry breeders and processors have indicated that they do not think this will have a major impact on poultry meat consumption in the country.

Dagmar Tumova, chairwoman of the Czech Poultry Association, was reported as saying that the most important factors for Czech consumers when buying meat is price, with poultry being the cheapest meat type on the market. Poultry meat consumption in the Czech Republic has doubled since 1989.

Zdenek Stepanek, CEO of Xaverov, a leading poultry processor, said veterinary control is such that infected poultry meat cannot get to the market.

Russia has announced a ban on imports of poultry and poultry products from the Czech Republic following the bird flu outbreak. However, reports indicate that there were no Czech poultry meat exports to Russia in 2006.

5m Editor