New Russian Poultry Plant Opens

by 5m Editor
6 June 2007, at 3:46am

RUSSIA - Poultry production in Russia is to exceed 1990 levels for the first time this year reaching 1.8 million tonnes. Poultry meat production this year has risen by 16 per cent on 2006 levels when it was 1.55million tonnes.

The Russian Agriculture minister Aleksey Gordeyev announced the rise in production at the opening of a new poultry slaughter and cutting plant in Constantinov in the Moscow region. He said that four years ago poultry meat was just seven per cent of the Russian diet, last year it was 51 per cent, and this year it could rise to 60 per cent.

The new plant, Mosselprom, is part of the APK Development Project, and it is expected to have a capacity to process 6,000 birds an hour.

Mr Gordeyev said: “This new plant is not just a boost to Russian agriculture, but also to the consumer who will benefit from the quality and natural production.”


5m Editor