Now Birds Can Get Contraceptives

RANCHO SANTA - Innolytics LLC today announced that the U.S.Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has granted registration for OvoControl P for pigeons.
calendar icon 12 June 2007
clock icon 3 minute read

The company has developed an innovative new product which effectively controls egg hatchability in pigeons, essentially representing non-hormonal oral contraception for birds. There is no comparable technology on the market in the U.S. today.

Pigeons - the ubiquitous bird found in urban and industrial areas - can cause serious economic damage. The costs of removing waste, increased maintenance and the potential for transmission of disease are all serious pigeon-related issues.

The core technology for OvoControl P centers on the proven ability to reduce the hatchability of eggs by feeding treated bait to birds during the reproductive season. The effect is fully reversible and care has been taken to develop a feeding system that limits exposure to non-target species.

"OvoControl interferes with the formation of the vitelline membrane that separates the yolk and white in the egg, so no embryo is ever formed," said Dr. Alexander MacDonald, chief scientific officer for Innolytics. "The active ingredient, nicarbazin, approved more than 50 years ago, was originally developed to prevent a disease in poultry. Due to its unique chemistry, the product represents no secondary hazards. For example, a bird of prey which consumes treated pigeons will not be affected by the product."

Conventional pigeon mitigation methods traditionally focus on exclusion techniques including nets, spikes and electrified wires along ledges. However, exclusion techniques alone do not provide a means to actually reduce or control the population. The use of OvoControl P, in combination with other mitigation measures, will provide a more comprehensive and effective integrated bird management program.

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