Tainted Food Company Admits Mislabeling Domestic Chicken Meat As Brazilian

by 5m Editor
21 June 2007, at 9:18am

JAPAN - A local food processing company, under fire for mixing pork with minced beef used for croquettes and other food, admitted Thursday that it also mislabeled domestic chicken meat it had shipped as Brazilian meat.

Minoru Tanaka, president of Tomakomai-based Meathope Co., and other executives made the announcement at a news conference on Thursday.

It has also emerged that in response to a tip, the Tomakomai municipal health center inspected the company five years ago and last year under the Food Sanitation Law. The prefectural government also raided the firm in March and May this year.

Since the inspections failed to uncover any wrongdoing, local government officials suspect that the company skillfully concealed its mislabeling and the mixing of pork with minced beef.

Source: msn News

5m Editor