Blaze At Burnbrae Kills 40,000 Chickens

by 5m Editor
25 July 2007, at 9:12am

CANADA - Authorities are investigating the cause of a million-dollar plus fire that razed a barn and killed 40,000 chickens at Burnbrae Farms in Lyn, headquarters for Canada's largest egg company.

Firefighters and police investigators were at the site of Monday night's blaze this morning to determine how the fire engulfed a barn off County Road 27 containing the poultry.

"It was a total loss," said Leeds OPP Constable Wayne Scott.

"We're still guarding the scene and enlisting the help of fire marshals," he said.

"They will determine the cause of the fire," he said, adding: "There's nothing to suggest this was deliberately set."

Burnbrae Farms president Bob Anderson estimated the damage at "well in excess of $1 million" but said it's too early to put a price tag on the fire.

Officials were still trying to determine how to appropriately dispose of the dead chickens.

"There will definitely have to be some cleanup done," said Scott.

More than 50 volunteer firefighters from Lyn, Athens, Augusta Township and Front of Yonge responded to the blaze Monday night following reports from neighbouring residents of billowing smoke coming from the barn at about 10:50 p.m

Source: Brockville Recorder & Times

5m Editor