New House For Ring Less Rearing Of 8,500 Turkeys

According to the saying „Nothing ventured, nothing gained“, Andrea and Rüdiger Lämmle from Baden-Württemberg in Germany looked for planning and construction off the beaten track for their new turkey rearing house.
calendar icon 31 July 2007
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Up-to-date housing equipment

Their decision against traditional poult rings and in favour of a ring less poult rearing phase as well as for a new intake air system results in a significant optimisation of labour, hygiene and environment in the house. The result of all this is increased profitability. The Lämmle family asked the Lower Saxony equipment supplier Big Dutchman for support with this project. The new house as well as the interior equipment installed according to the most up-to-date standards could be visited recently at the occasion of an Open Day on the Lämmle farm.

The roof is the ceiling

Left to right: Rüdiger and Andrea Lämmle, Hermann-Gerd Roter (Big Dutchman)

The new house erected according to the most modern standards is a self-supporting hall of the dimensions of 57 x 16 metres. The entirely zinc coated steel construction is covered with sandwich panels, with the roof being without additional interior ceiling. The turkeys remain in the rearing house for five weeks and then are moved into this new house every nine weeks according to a rotation system. This results in less empty times which for turkey keeper Lämmle means a better utilisation of his growing houses.

Highlights from the product range of the world-wide leader

New, innovative, promising: The Fumus intake air chimney

Fumus intake air chimney

The Lämmle farm comes up with a premiere in Germany: Big Dutchman's Fumus fresh air unit, a market newcomer, which is a chimney for negative pressure, constant pressure and excess pressure, has been installed for the first time in Germany. Its particular feature: A damper integrated in the chimney that can be regulated via servomotor mixes house air with fresh air depending on its position. According to the requirements, this allows to operate with fresh air, mixed air or circulating air. This makes the system relatively independent of the weather. To avoid the intrusion of birds or leaves, the Lämmles decided to have a protective grating installed at the fresh air side of the intake air units.

Easy feeding and hygiene: AugerMatic and TruPan

Augermatic and TruPan feeding system (raised)

The AugerMatic feeding system with TruPan feed pan ensures easy access to the feed for the birds while avoiding feed losses at the same time. Particularly sophisticated feature: The lowering pan bottom of TruPan allows rapid and thorough cleaning of the pan. Another feature facilitating the work of turkey keepers results from the fact that the entire system can be winched up under the ceiling if required. This allows easy and thorough cleaning of the house floor.

Heat? No problem with Fogging Cooler

Fogging Cooler in action

With Fogging Cooler, the turkey keepers from Baden-Württemberg have decided in favour of a high-pressure evaporation system cooling down the house and humidifying ideally. Special high-pressure nozzles atomise water into a micron aerosol fog which is immediately absorbed by the warm air in the house. Thus, air humidity increases, the existing heat energy in the house is dissipated by evaporation and temperature decreases within a few minutes.

Precise control of environment and production: A Viper for any case


Viper, the climate and production computer designed by Big Dutchman and successful on farms world-wide supports an optimum house climate. The system controls intake and exhaust air by means of house and outside temperature as well as the age of the birds. At the same time, Viper registers all necessary data on production, growth, feed and water consumption and thus covers all important functions regarding production as well. The family Lämmle is thus able to react very rapidly to changing conditions and take the respective action. The result: improved bird performance and consequently increased profitability.

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