An Organic Solution For Farmers Waste

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - Al Quraishi Group has launched an organic solutions for waste management in the UAE. It also aims at enhancing irrigation and agriculture systems, paving the way for an ecologically friendly future.
calendar icon 20 August 2007
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Mr. Mohammed A. Al Quraishi, owner of Shatalat Irrigation Services and Mr. Juvenal Bernard Rodrigues, Executive of New Era Enterprises, India.

The new product is made available through an exclusive agreement signed between Mr. Juvenal Bernard Rodrigues, Executive of New Era Enterprises, India and Mr. Mohammed A. Al Quraishi, owner of Shatalat Irrigation Services; CEO of Intelligent Biometric Solutions ME and Chairman of Al Quraishi Group.

Nature Bioinfusion is an organic solution which can be used to treat solid waste/ odour control, gray water recycling, seed germination, speed composting and soil revitalization.

Solid waste and the incumbent odour is a major hazard in many situations and is a global issue. Chemicals used in these treatments leach into the earth ultimately contaminating natural clean water bodies and causing irreparable damage to the micro flora therein.

New Era Enterprises has paved the way to an ecologically friendly use of a bio fusion of microorganisms.

From large scale waste dumps, landfills, urban sewage systems and septic tanks at home, poultry and animal rearing, the product has a rapid and effective impact on malodours.

The product works by overcoming the odour producing microbes (such as sulphides producing bacteria), and replacing them with beneficial microbes that are contained within the product. They then change the process of breakdown so that the odour producing microbes are totally suppressed. The effects of spraying on odourous environments are very rapid; the odour is reduced by 90% within a short period which is less than an hour on very large scale waste dumps.

'We are pleased to introduce Nature Bioinfusion Organic product to our partners Shatalat Irrigation Services in Dubai, U.A.E. who, we hope will be able to influence both commercial and agricultural sectors of the benefits vis-à-vis economics and maintaining and sustaining a clean and green environment consonant with Shatalat Irrigation Services professed corporate mission.'

Mr. Juvenal Rodrigues, Executive, New Era Enterprises stated.

Using the product as a spot treatment, spraying over the area that is causing the odour. Using the product solution as an integrated treatment and introducing it on a regular basis into the waste.

Using the latter option is preferred, due to the odour being controlled effectively and constantly, with benefits of a more effective breakdown of water, waste organic matter and harmful pathogens.

Gray water can be treated effectively so that the recycled product conforms to parameters associated with clean water, i.e. B.O.D., C.O.D., Turbidity, TSS, etc. This recycled water can be used for various purposes such as irrigation, car washing, toilet flushing and incident construction.

Using this product eliminates the use of energy, vis-à-vis no aeration, no radiation which is commonly found in treatment plants using chemicals, thereby causing tremendous savings on electric consumption usage.

The technology is an effective microbial tool that augments agricultural inputs in many ways. A diverse combination of microbes within the product solution and the application thereto can cover different applications in the agriculture sector.

Introducing the solution into the soil is the most important asset for agriculture farming. The process works for various requirements and functions in a natural way. The organic mass in the soil which is generally degraded / depleted after harvesting and which requires revitalization is fulfilled by the studied use of this biofusion product.

  • Improved soil structure, leading to better aeration and water holding capacity
  • Improved nutrient availability, leading to lower fertilizer requirements, higher fertilizer utilization of applied inputs
  • Lower disease pressure by developing a disease suppressive soil
  • Higher yields
  • Improved quality of produce

Adding the product solution to a composting process, the benefits of a more uniform heat, and therefore more efficient composting and a more complete breakdown of bio mass/ earth, i.e. a shorter composting time.

'We are happy to team up with our Indian counterpart New Era Enterprises for bringing to us this organic technology to combat both solid waste and to enhance irrigation and agriculture systems, we have witnessed the excellence of this product with seed germination and odour removal. This will be a great tool to ensure productivity in the agricultural sector and help in waste and odour removal in the commercial sector,' stated Mr. Mohammed Al Quraishi.

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