Chicken Eggs To Be Sold Per Kilo In The Philippines

by 5m Editor
27 August 2007, at 8:47am

PHILIPPINES - Eggs in the Philippines might be sold by the kilogram instead of being sold per egg because of an increase in poultry feed prices.

The United Broilers Association in the Philippines on Sunday forwarded the suggestion to sell chicken eggs on a per kilogram basis because of the increase in corn, the main ingredient in poultry feeds.

Jojie San Diego, UBA president said the organization is proposing that a kilo of chicken eggs would cost $1.50, which would contain between 16-18 eggs.

Interestingly enough, the UBA official said the new pricing formula might actually end up reducing prices for consumers.

He said the new scheme would actually be cheaper for consumers because buying the same number per piece would normally fetch at least $1.65.

Source: AllHeadlineNews

5m Editor