Farmers' Union Wants Labels On Food Indicating Use Of GM Products

by 5m Editor
16 August 2007, at 1:19pm

FINLAND - Prime Minister also calls for labelling. The Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK) said on Tuesday that it wants voluntary labelling of food products to indicate any phases of the production chain in which genetically modified products have been used.

The MTK has been pushed to make a statement on the use of GM animal feed ever since food producers LSO Foods and Lounais-farmi said earlier in the summer that they would start to import GM soybeans for use in pig feed.

MTK Chairman Michael Hornborg said that the organisation feels that consumers should be told about what their food contains.

However, Hornborg noted that it is not possible to require labels on Finnish products alone.

"In such a case, Finnish products would be in an unequal position compared with imported goods. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get a label like this onto imported meat, as EU regulations do not require it.

Hornborg says that the solution is in the hands of the consumer. "Stores say that they sell what the consumers want... if consumers want a label, the shops are certainly able to provide one."

Source: Helsingin Sanomat

5m Editor