Israeli Eggs To Cost 10% More

by 5m Editor
20 August 2007, at 11:04am

ISRAEL - Steep increase in chicken feed leads to rise in cost of eggs pending approval by Agriculture Ministry

The Agriculture Ministry is expected to approve a 10% increase in the price of eggs, due to a steep rise in the cost of chicken feed.

Secretary-General of the Poultry Farmers' Association Yaakov Cohen demanded that chicken farmers be paid an additional 3.3 agurot per egg in order to help them cope with the rising cost of feeding their poultry.

Presently, the wholesale price of an egg ranges between 33 to 35 agurot, depending on its size. The retail price ranges between 55 to 82 agurot per egg, and is determined partly by its packaging.

Following the anticipated price increase, an egg will cost anywhere between 60 to 90 agurot.

Source: Ynetnews

5m Editor