Poultry Prices Jump To All-Time High In Pakistan

by 5m Editor
29 August 2007, at 8:40am

PAKISTAN - Retail price of live broiler chicken have reached all time high in Karachi as it rose by Rs 38 in last one month to the level of Rs 110 per kilogramme on back of short supply and high demand, traders said on Tuesday.

Chief Convener of Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA), Maroof Siddiqui said that retail price of live broiler bird was Rs 72 per kilo one month ago on July 26.

"The demand for chicken meat is also on the higher side and it has risen to Rs 186 per kg due to short supply and farmers are facing problems these days due to high mortality among chicks of broiler hen."

Chairman PPA had already made a prediction one month ago about this price hike caused by heavy rains.

"In the light of devastation faced by the poultry traders during the current monsoon season bringing them financial miseries, the phenomenal rise in prices of chicken meat was very much obvious" he added.

Other than heavy rains, ongoing marriage season and improved weather condition are the reasons of this abnormal price jump of poultry products.

Source: DailyTimes

5m Editor