Safety Of Meats Has Been Assured — But At A Cost

by 5m Editor
9 August 2007, at 2:52pm

CANADA - The federal government has issued nearly 90 food recalls and alerts so far this year - and only four involved meat contaminated with potentially dangerous bacteria.

Many people think of tainted meat when they hear food poisoning horror stories. In reality, federal health officials say they're actually becoming more worried about the risks presented by contaminated fruits and vegetables.

That's because while produce safety is a relatively new concept, any meat products that are sold in Canada are subject to tough checks and high levels of scrutiny before they're allowed on store shelves.

It's a system that was created out of necessity as a result of past food scares involving tainted meat and the mad cow crisis of 2003, which devastated Alberta's beef industry.

Canadians got a stark reminder of the destruction that can result from the slightest hint of problems with the meat supply this week after news of a new foot-and-mouth disease outbreak in Britain.

Source: Ottawa Citizen

5m Editor