Egg Farm Let Hens Feed On Carcasses

by 5m Editor
27 September 2007, at 9:58am

NEW ZEALAND - Hens on a Wellington egg farm were left to die with their heads stuck through the bars of their cages while other birds, caged with rotting carcasses, sometimes pecked on the remains, a judge has been told.

Trevor Chin and Wellington Egg Company have pleaded guilty to animal welfare charges relating to the care of 28,000 birds at the Judgeford farm last December.

Chin was given three warnings to remove decomposing birds lying in the cages, improve the inadequate water supply to the sheds, and clear manure more than a metre deep in places that had hens walking on their own faeces, SPCA prosecutor Simon Meikle said in Wellington District Court yesterday.

Judge Gregory Ross said he could not understand how Chin and his staff were able to pass without helping the birds with their heads trapped so that they could not reach food or water.

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5m Editor