Protection Needed For Poultry Sector

by 5m Editor
24 September 2007, at 9:36am

BAHAMAS - Bahamian poultry producers are cautioning the government as it considers lowering duties on chicken imports, suggesting that would wring the life out of their industry if coupled with the removal of another key protection.

"Lowering duties on chicken imports wouldn't by itself affect us because the current system requires Bahamian importers to buy locally before applying for permits to import," said Ron Jones, GM of Sunshine Farms in Freeport. "If that system goes out the window, though, we're in trouble."

His comments come in response to suggestions by Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham that price controls are fundamentally ineffective.

"It doesn't work anywhere in the world," he said last week, at a CARICOM meeting in Trinidad. "We in The Bahamas tell ourselves that we able to control prices but we are not."

Source: TheNassauGuardian

5m Editor