Tulsa Wants To Revise Rules On Poultry Litter

by 5m Editor
10 September 2007, at 11:45am

US - The city of Tulsa and its utility authority want a federal court to revise the settlement of a lawsuit against six poultry companies over poultry waste in northeast Oklahoma.

Court papers filed in Tulsa say the court should impose further limits on how much poultry waste can be spread on land in two watersheds.

The papers say permanent limits were never agreed upon and the water in the region is still contaminated by phosphorus from poultry litter. The city also wants the court to continue overseeing the case for four more years.

Federal Judge Claire Eagan imposed limits on how much phosphorus could be spread on the land as part of the February 2004 settlement of the lawsuit by the city and the utility. The court's oversight of the case is to end in February.


5m Editor