A smell to gag a buzzard? Recycling Plant Draws Court Challenge

by 5m Editor
3 October 2007, at 10:45am

GEORGIA - The town of Talmo boasts a post office, a volunteer fire department, a few cattle farms, two Coke machines and 500 residents who grew up "on beans and cornbread," locals like to say.

But they have been holding their noses because of a newcomer.

"When buzzards fly over, even they gag," said lifelong resident Don Sorrels, who like many others in the town has smelled all he can stand of the odor from the Agri-Cycle plant.

The private wastewater treatment facility that opened up a few years ago recycles poultry byproducts and waste and uses a land-application treatment system to dispose of it on company property.

Offended residents claim the smell — which they describe in scarcely printable terms — is causing land values to drop, neighbors to move and the quality of life to plummet.

The residents of Talmo, a speck of a town splayed out against a railroad line about 60 miles northeast of Atlanta, have been holding hearings and begging public officials to snuff out the plant for good since 2005.

Source: DailyReport

5m Editor