Chicken Price$ Rise Election Day

by 5m Editor
2 November 2007, at 11:07am

US - Chicken prices have gone up by more than $1 per kilogramme.

The country’s largest poultry producer, Arawak, yesterday announced that it is raising the price of its processed chicken, effective November 5, the day of the General Election.

Arawak said that it continues to face challenges in maintaining current price levels due to the increases in the international prices of grain and freight.

“As a result of these increases we are left with no alternative, but to make an adjustment in our price schedule,” the release said.

Arawak’s whole empty fryers moved from $16.50 per kg to $17.64 and its pre-cut empty fryers went up to $18.19 per kg.

Another of the three leading producers, Nutrimix, increased the price of its processed chicken a month ago, its vice-president, Ronnie Mohammed told Newsday.

Mohammed did not say what Nutrimix’s revised prices were, but stressed that prices are structured based on the category of customer. General manager of Warner Grain Mills, Jerry Ramdass said he did not know “off-hand” the current price of his company’s processed chicken, but said that the price of its live chicken per pound remains at the Government stipulated $4.99.

Source: Newsday

5m Editor