Neglected Chickens Confiscated

by 5m Editor
9 November 2007, at 9:15am

GREECE - The SPCA confiscated about 900 chickens from vendors in Philippi last Thursday.

Chaos erupted after 10 heavily armed members of the metro police reaction unit and SPCA members cracked down on chicken stalls at the corner of Weltevreden and Lansdowne Road.

“God, it stresses me. You can’t mix the chickens, we don’t have just one boss!” shouted one worker.

“Where’s your warrant?” ano­ther wanted to know.

Andries Venter, chief inspector of the SPCA, said he had issued several warnings regarding the poor conditions in which the chickens were kept. “They don’t have food, water or shelter.”

The chickens, sold at R25 a head, will be held at the SPCA in Grassy Park to give the owners the opportunity to improve the condition of the cages.

Until now the visibly neglected chickens have been sitting in the afternoon sun in metal cages and crates.

Source: CityVision

5m Editor