Poultry Farms’ Needed Maize to be Supplied

by 5m Editor
27 November 2007, at 10:47am

IRAN - The needed amount of Maize for the poultry farms of the province Khuzestan will be supplied by the Private Sector with public Tariffs.

“Through agreements between the Society of Maize growers and Agricultural Jihad Organization of the province Khuzestan, the needed amount of Maize for province’s poultry farmers will be to distribute with public tariff,” said the Secretary of Maize growers’ Society of the province Khuzestan.

“The approved price is 2 thousand 500 Rials per Kilo and there is no limitations in the volume of distributed Maize,” added Seyyed Abbas Alavi.

“Maize harvest has been strated since last week in the province Khuzestan and over 10 percent of the fields have been harvested,” he said.

“According to the agreements the fees for the bought Maize will be paid with 24 hours,” affirmed the Secretary of the Society of Maize of Khuzestan.

Source: IANA

5m Editor