Poultry Firms Hatch New Funda For Andaa

by 5m Editor
13 November 2007, at 9:32am

INDIA - Andaa ka funda is changing now. With consumerism going great guns, poultry sector is now planning to add value to eggs.

If the poultry sector’s plan goes well, soon eggs — brown and white — will be sold at shops fortified with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acid.

Even though it is a common thing in Western countries, the spurt in organised retailing in India has made poultry firms to look at this opportunity seriously.

A fortified egg would fetch Rs 3 a piece against Rs 1.80 for the normal egg.

Suguna Poultry, a Coimbatore-based integrated poultry firm, will soon launch an ad blitz to expand its reach for its value added products to Delhi and Mumbai.

The company currently sells Suguna Pro, the protein and Vitamin A rich egg, in top cities in the South and Pune.

It has two more value added egg products – Suguna Heart and Suguna Active.

Source: CommodityOnline

5m Editor