Congress Urges a Delay in Cloned Products

by 5m Editor
24 December 2007, at 11:43am

WASHINGTON - The Bush administration is under pressure to further delay the sale of milk and meat from cloned livestock.

The Food and Drug Administration tentatively announced a year ago that it believed foods from cloned animals and their offspring were no different from products from other animals. However, the FDA has not yet finalized the study, and a voluntary moratorium on sale of the products remains in place.

Consumer advocates have argued that the products should be labeled. A provision in a spending bill that received final congressional approval Wednesday would require the Agriculture Department to study the economic implications of commercializing the foods.

The legislation urges FDA to maintain the moratorium while the further review is done.

Another measure, added to a Senate-passed farm bill, would require two new studies, one by USDA and another by the National Academy of Sciences. The fate of that provision is uncertain because the Senate legislation still must be reconciled with the House's farm bill.

Source: DesMoines Register

5m Editor