India is Committed to Chare Experience in Controlling Avian Influenza

by 5m Editor
13 December 2007, at 1:42pm

INDIA - The Prime Minister of India, while addressing the three day conference on Avian and Pandemic Influenza, said that India is committed to share the experience of control and containment of the outbreak of influenza in poultry.

According to a report from the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service, the Prime Minister said that focused governmental intervention must go hand-in-hand with community empowerment in addressing such health care challenges.

Each government would have to act locally, but think globally while dealing with the problem, he said.

The Minister of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs said that controlling avian influenza remains an enormous challenge particularly for the administration and veterinary and medical communities. He further said that we collectively need to assess the current situation; the effectiveness of strategies applied and revisit our policies.

The FAS report said the Minister of Health and Family Welfare stressed the continuous need to enhance and strengthen such global cooperation.

The persistent, though unpredictable, threat to animal and human health is enhanced by the apprehension that second strains of avian influenza, previously considered of little human health risk, indeed poses a real danger.

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