Indian Poultry Industry Concern Over Feed Costs

by 5m Editor
13 December 2007, at 10:22am

INDIA - The poultry industry of Tamil Nadu, which accounts for around Rs. 1,500 crore turnover with an annual growth of 15 per cent, is worried over the rising feed cost for the last couple of months.

Mainly, a sudden surge in soya prices has triggered high production cost of broiler birds. According to R. Lakshmanan, chairman of the Palladam-based Broiler Co-ordination Committee (BCC), the price of soya has touched an all-time high of Rs. 16,000 a tonne against Rs.10,000 a tonne until recently. For the livestock feed, the main ingredient, maize accounts for 60 to 65 per cent while soya takes prominent place by accounting 30 per cent. “We procure soya from Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. The price has been on the upward trend due to demand in export market,” he reasons.

There is no significant change in the price of maize, which stood at Rs. 750 a quintal. “The cost of end product has not been raised commensurate with the hike in input costs,” he adds. He says broiler production is more than the demand in the State over the years.

Source: TheHindu

5m Editor