Export Mission to Russia

by 5m Editor
7 January 2008, at 11:50am

BRAZIL - A mission from Brazil is in Russia this week to thrash out a deal over health and hygiene controls for meat exports.

The mission from the agricultural security and international relations departments of the Department of Agriculture, SDA and SRI, is aiming to consolidate an agreement that has been reached by the Farm Security minister Ignacio Kreotz and the head of the Russian food agency Sergey Dankvert.

The discussions clearing Brazilian meat processing companies for export to Russia took place between the two last month.

Now, the Brazilian SDA is to oversee the control measures in the companies exporting to Russia on behalf of the Russian veterinary authorities.

Following the removal of the ban on exports of meat to Russia in November last year, eight Brazilian states have been cleared for export since December.

In the last year Brazil exported about 945,000 tonnes of meat to Brazil - beef, poultry and pig meat, worth about US$1.9 billion.

5m Editor