Poultry Producers Fear Costs May Clip Its Wings

by 5m Editor
28 January 2008, at 9:56am

PHILIPPINES - If all goes well, United Broiler Raisers’ Association may expect a hefty 15 to 20 percent growth for the industry this year.

Ubra chair Gregorio San Diego said what could put a damper to this growth estimate would be high production costs, which could force backyard raisers to stop growing chickens to avoid losses.

Food ingredients constitute about 65 percent of a raiser’s total production cost.

San Diego said prices of main ingredients for feeds such as corn had risen to as much as P13.50 a kilo.

Prices of other ingredients such as soybean had also risen to a 37-year high of P24 a kilo, feedwheat at P17.40, and coconut oil at P52.

Source: BusinessInquierer

5m Editor