Poultry Rule Runs Afoul of Farmers

by 5m Editor
11 January 2008, at 9:50am

US - A planned state regulation aimed at cleaning up water has local poultry farmers worried about another government regulation that would take up more of their time, cost more money and mean more paper work.

That regulation, the Maryland Animal Feeding Operation permit, will require a comprehensive nutrient management plan, additional record keeping, less flexibility in management of litter and state inspection of permitted operations, according to a Jan. 9 statement from the Maryland Department of Agriculture.

The state agriculture and environment agencies developed the draft permit to regulate large poultry operations.

"Our intent is to develop a process that addresses water quality concerns and is not overly burdensome for farmers," Agriculture Secretary Roger Richardson said. "This has been a hot topic among poultry farmers."

The new permit will be a new process, expanding on existing state nutrient management regulations. It modifies requirements for large animal operations permitted as Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations.


5m Editor