Residents Cry Foul Over Chicken Farm

by 5m Editor
7 January 2008, at 9:24am

NEW ZEALAND - Totara Park Drive residents have lost the battle but not the war over a neighbouring poultry shed.

Foppe de Vries applied to Masterton District Council to keep poultry for rearing from one day old to 16 weeks old early last year and a public notice outlining the resource consent was published on April 25.

Submissions closed on May 23 and five objections were received calling for a hearing, which was held at the council on November 26 where the commissioner decided in favour of the de Vries resource consent.

Totara Park Drive resident and objector Brian Monaghan said the issue isn't with the neighbours, it's with the council and the rules that were broken to approve the application.

"All of us have had to get consents over the years for buildings and other things and it's a hassle and takes a long time but it has to be done."

Source: Times-Age

5m Editor