US: Exports Vital for US Meat Industry, Says Report

by 5m Editor
3 January 2008, at 10:17am

US - The US meat industry should continue to pursue growth overseas, according to a report on outlook for the North American food industry this year.

Beef, pork and poultry processors in the US are becoming "increasingly reliant" on overseas markets but the benefits of export growth "far outweigh" the risks, industry watchers Rabobank said.

In its annual outlook for North America's food and agribusiness sector, Rabobank touted China as a key market for US meat processors, especially those working in the pork category.

China's domestic pork suppliers have been unable to meet soaring demand for pork, which presents an opportunity for overseas suppliers. Argentina and Brazil have recently signed agreements allowing them to export to China.

Source: JustFood

5m Editor