700 Companies to Attend 1st Intl. Poultry Veterinary Confab

by 5m Editor
19 February 2008, at 9:39am

IRAN - Some 700 companies from Iran and 15 other countries are to take part in the First International Poultry Veterinary Conference in Tehran from February 19-20.

Director of the International Affairs Department at Iran's Veterinary Organization Ali-Reza Kayhanpour told IRNA that the meeting aims at bolstering scientific standards of the participating states and providing a haven for the guests to share experience with each other in the field.

Kayhanpour said 140 articles from Iran and 40 from Ukraine, Turkey, India, France, Pakistan, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, China, Russia, Bangladesh, and Jordan have been sent to Secretariat of the meeting, out of which 31 will be aired there in the form of speech.

Source: IslamicRepublicNewsAgency

5m Editor