Backyard Chickens in Halifax Moving Out

by 5m Editor
25 February 2008, at 10:35am

HALIFAX, CANADA - Louise Hanavan hopes her hens can return home some day.

The Halifax woman has been keeping three chickens in her backyard, located on quiet street of houses in the centre of the city, for nearly a year to eat their eggs.

But she was told last month that she was violating a local bylaw after a neighbour complained the hens' food could attract rats, and she was planning to send the chickens away on Monday.

Her case prompted municipal staff to examine urban poultry, and if a report due out in several months leads to change, she said she might bring her hens back.

"I would hope so - that would be ideal," Hanavan said in an interview Sunday.

Source: CanadianPress

5m Editor