Cafe Turns to Government over Salmonella Claim

by 5m Editor
28 February 2008, at 9:30am

AUSTRALIA - The proprietor of a cafe in Tasmania has called on the State Government for some formal recognition of the impact on her business from a recent salmonella outbreak.

Venus Cafe at Bellerive, in the Tasmanian capital Hobart, used eggs supplied by Pitt Poultry in catering jobs which made about 100 people ill, including staff, according to reports on ABC News.

Tests have linked the salmonella to the supplier, but the cafe's proprietor, Maree Little, says she lost 60 per cent of her business after the outbreak because of adverse publicity.

The ABC report says that although the health department has cleared Ms Little's business of blame, the government is yet to acknowledge the damage that has been done.

"I would like to have some sort of recognition to our business because we have been caught in all of this, and I would like the government to come out and say we're thinking about you also, but again that hasn't happened," she said she told ABC News."

5m Editor