Castro's Resignation Could Boost Poultry Exports

by 5m Editor
20 February 2008, at 9:53am

CUBA - With Cuba as the sixth-largest market for U.S. poultry exports, Georgia’s agricultural and poultry community is hopeful that a change in Cuba’s leadership is a good sign for growth.

Cuba purchased 95,504 metric tons of broilers in 2007 with a market value of $76.4 million.

"Cuba has grown to be a top 10 export market for U.S. broilers, and the Cuban people are enjoying them," said Mike Giles, senior vice president of the Georgia Poultry Federation. "The trade relationship between agricultural producers in the U.S. and the Cuban government is strong, and I would expect that to continue regardless of who follows President Castro."

Giles was a part of a Georgia delegation led by Commissioner of Agriculture Tommy Irvin that visited Cuba in recent years.

Irvin was equally optimistic about the prospect for Georgia-grown products bound for the island nation.


5m Editor