Dominican Poultry Farmers Pressure Govt

by 5m Editor
11 February 2008, at 9:29am

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Dominican poultry farmers will stage an indefinite stoppage in two provinces and a limited strike at the capital's port to increase pressure on the government, according to sources from the sector.

Entrepreneurs, truckers, religious people and members of the Alternative Social Forum will march to the presidential palace on Wednesday morning to demand further actions in the commercial dispute with Haiti.

The farmers have accused authorities of lack of enthusiasm to find a solution to the five-week conflict with Haiti, which banned imports of Dominican poultry and eggs for fear of an avian flu epidemic.

Haiti took that measure after fighting cocks were found infected with the H5N2 virus in the eastern city of Higüey.

The animals were sacrificed and authorities declared that they had been introduced in the country in an irregular way, skipping sanitary controls.

However, Port-au-Prince has refused to resume poultry trade until a trustworthy report is made.

Source: PrensaLatina

5m Editor