Evaluate Poultry Litter Value Based on Crop Need

by 5m Editor
27 February 2008, at 10:00am

US — With fertilizer prices bumping up against the clouds, farmers are looking down at poultry house floors for something they can use to help their crops grow tall.

Speaking at last week's Kansas State University Agronomy Institute in Parsons, Oklahoma State University Extension Agronomist Bob Woods acknowledged that poultry litter is an alternative fertilizer source well worth considering but he cautioned that litter is no miracle product.

"It's not a magic bullet," he said. "Apply equal amounts of plant nutrients from litter and commercial fertilizer and you'll get the same response - there's no magic to it. It's just another source to consider if it's economical. The decision comes down to the value of the nutrients you need."

Producers have to know the requirements of their fields or pastures to assess that value, he said, pointing out that if a field requires only nitrogen, the producer is going to have to pay for unneeded phosphorus and potassium in poultry litter.

Source: McAlesterNews

5m Editor