Growing Push for Egg-Farm Closure

by 5m Editor
18 February 2008, at 9:42am

AUSTRALIA - A veterinary pathologist says closure of an egg farm linked to salmonella is the safest option, while another vet says public health must take priority over business.

The State Government was under pressure yesterday over the latest disease outbreak that left 80 people with gastroenteritis, almost 50 confirmed as caused by salmonella.

It has said Pitt's Poultry supplied the eggs linked to several outbreaks since 2005 but it cannot be certain it was the latest disease source.

Vet pathologist David Obendorf said that because of the risk to public health he believed putting supply on hold while testing was done was warranted.

"Under the circumstances I think this is a serious smoking gun," Dr Obendorf said.

Source: Mercury

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