Poultry Ban Lifted

by 5m Editor
28 February 2008, at 9:46am

PUNE: The Pune state government’s ban on import of poultry products and feed from outside Maharashtra has now been lifted according to reports in the Times of India.

The ban, brought in becasue of bird flu in West Bengal, is still in place on poultry products from that region.

The lifting of the ban follows objections from the Union agriculture minister Sharad Pawar. .

"We have issued the required notification to all authorities concerned, asking them to allow the entry of poultry products from outside the state," Ashish Sharma, commissioner, animal husbandry department told the Times of India..

He said the ban would have severly hit the Indian poultry industry, especially in Andhra Pradesh, which supplies more than 40 per cent of its poultry products to Maharashtra.

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