Poultry, Meat Producers Face All-Time Low Lenten Sales

by 5m Editor
20 February 2008, at 9:43am

TRINIBAD AND TOBAGO - Demand for chicken and other meats drops around this time but the decrease became noticeable months before the Lenten season started, a top poultry producer said on Monday.

Noting the trend, Nutrimix vice president Ronnie Mohammed said the price of chicken should remain stable for several months.

Any price above $5.75 a pound over the next few months is unnecessary, he said.

Mohammed said the availability of imported chicken and frozen meats on the market was putting pressure on poultry producers in Trinidad.

"Poultry is a volume driven business," he said, adding that it cost less to produce more.

"We believe that any price in excess of $5.75 a pound is unnecessary based on present commodity prices."

Source: TrinidadExpress

5m Editor