Warning: Eggs May Contain Deadly Bacteria

by 5m Editor
21 February 2008, at 10:59am

AUSTALIA - EGG cartons from Pitt's Poultry will be labelled in a bid to curb salmonella outbreaks.

The State Government has ordered that all Pitt's packaging bear a stamp warning people not to eat the eggs raw.

Public Health Director Roscoe Taylor said bacteria may be inside the egg, which meant cleaning them makes no difference.

"(New information) has heightened our persisting concerns that some eggs produced at Pitt's Poultry, perhaps only a very small percentage, may continue to present a risk because of the possibility of bacteria being within the egg rather than on its surface," Dr Taylor said. Cooking destroys salmonella which can cause severe and occasionally fatal gastroenteritis.

Last month more than 80 people fell ill, some hospitalised, of which nearly 50 were confirmed as having salmonella.

The eggs will not be allowed to be sold for raw use in commercial kitchens.

Liberal primary industries spokeswoman Sue Napier said the Government seemed to be acknowledging a problem yet allowing eggs to be sold before the problem had been addressed.

Source: Mercury

5m Editor