DUC Returns to Profit

by 5m Editor
18 March 2008, at 2:02pm

FRANCE - French integrated poultry company DUC has seen a sharp turn around in fortunes over the last year recording a profit of €4.8 million compared to a loss of € 2.9 in 2006.

The company had a rise in turnover to € 167.4 million in 2007 compared to € 103.4 the previous year.

The company has put the turn around down to a rationalisation of its portfolio at the Riec site a dynamic sales drive and a rise in exports of 13 per cent in volume as well as new product development.

"With an operating profit of € 4.8 million, DUC has returned to profitability in 2007," said a DUC spokesman.

"The operating marin was 2.9 per cent and has made a jump of 5.7 points compared to last year's report."

DUC said that the company had now emerged from the problems of avian influenza that it had experienced in 2006 and it has focused on its strategic activities, improving production processes and the production chain, which has been key in returning to profitability.

The company has seen investment rise to €4.2 million over the last year.

During the last year the company had made some key acquisitions including the factory at Montmeyran.

The company said that during 2008 it wants to integrate its new manufacturing activities into the group and it will be developing new products particularly for the halal market.

5m Editor