Free Range Eggs Sales Grow

by 5m Editor
21 March 2008, at 11:31am

UK - Britain's biggest egg producer, reports that for the first time more households are buying into free-range eggs than caged eggs.

Noble Foods group marketing director, Finn Cottle, commented: "Egg sales overall are in growth, it may surprise you that our healthy market is now bigger than the market for crisps.

The increased consumption of eggs is encouraging, especially as the prices of eggs have risen recently as a result of much higher wheat prices for producers."

Mrs Cottle adds: "We have just completed in-depth research with consumers, it shows they have a definite preference for free range eggs when the eggs are used as the 'heart' of a meal like omelettes, scrambled egg or straightforward boiled eggs for breakfast. Conversely, when eggs are used as an ingredient, loyalty to free range is not as strong where more value caged eggs are used."

Source: Farmers Weekly Interactive