Keokuk Council to Look at Chicken Regulation

by 5m Editor
4 March 2008, at 9:43am

US - Should Keokuk citizens such as Celia Malm be allowed to raise chickens on their property?

The Keokuk City Council discussed the issue with Malm Thursday and referred the matter to the Code Revision Subcommittee for a possible recommendation.

Malm said a current city ordinance effectively bans any livestock in city limits because livestock including poultry have to be kept 150 feet from any neighbor's dwelling - not 50 feet as she and her family had believed at first.

Last spring, she said, her family decided to raise a small flock of chickens. So they built a small henhouse and a secure chicken pen well away from their neighbors. However, in August the animal control officer told her family they had misread the city ordinance.

Source: DailyGate

5m Editor