New Heavier Strain of Goose Introduced

by 5m Editor
3 March 2008, at 9:26am

UK - A new heavier strain of goose is to be introduced this year by Norfolk Geese, a major supplier of day-old goslings.

This larger framed bird with a greater meat-to-bone ratio is aimed at producers seeking oven-ready weights of 7.5 to 8 kg (16.5-17.5 lb) at 24 weeks full maturity. It is a growing sector of the market among larger households at Christmas.

The strain, known as the SuperStow, has been developed by Gulliver Geese selecting from two established and proven large breeds over a number of years.

Norfolk Geese and Gulliver Geese will be undertaking rearing trials with the new strain, and a limited number will be available to customers.

Source: FWI

5m Editor