One-Legged Chicken to Get Cancer Treatment

by 5m Editor
5 March 2008, at 9:56am

UK - Most chickens face a short life from egg to oven, but not poorly hen Eve - who is so pampered she is having costly radiotherapy.

The three-year-old Sussex buff cross, who has already lost one leg to skin cancer is the first chicken to undergo the treatment.

Elaine and Chris Denney took their pet on a 320-mile round trip to be examined by experts best known for treating racehorses.

Vegetarian Elaine, 43, said: "We will do anything to help her. She is such a little character and even responds to her name."

The couple, who are accountants, had their hen's left leg amputated 18 months ago when it was suspected she had cancer. Eve was able to hop around with the 15 other hens on the Denney's farm in Hatfield Norton, Worcs.


5m Editor