Outside Poultry Imports Gets EU in a Fluster

by 5m Editor
31 March 2008, at 1:07pm

EU - An Irish MEP has called upon the European Commission to address the issue of white meat imports into the EU that are not of EU origin. He says that the foreign pressure is causing the home market to dwindle.

Fine Gael MEP Mr Higgins is requesting the Commission to introduce a comprehensive food labelling regime, which will clearly illustrate that a food product is of EU origin.

At present, white meats that are imported from outside the EU and have any kind of processing of the product carried out by the importer are then branded as EU produce.

Making his call Mr Higgins said "Recently I met with representatives of turkey growers in Co Monaghan who are on the brink of extinction because of non-EU white meat imports.

"Their livelihoods are under imminent threat because of the unrestricted importation of cheap white meat from non EU states. Furthermore, from a health and food safety point of view, a clear labelling policy is crucially important."

5m Editor