Poultry Waste Hearing Wraps Up Seventh Day

by 5m Editor
11 March 2008, at 10:05am

US - An environmental engineer says officials shouldn't focus on poultry litter as the only pollutant in the Illinois River watershed.

Samuel Myoda of the Institute of Environmental Health Laboratories and Consulting Group says waste left by cattle, rodents, deer and waterfowl play a huge role in the bacteria levels in the area.

Myoda was called by attorneys for 13 Arkansas-based poultry companies during the seventh day of testimony in Attorney General Drew Edmondson's preliminary injunction case to prevent the disposal of chicken waste in the river valley.

He claims that unless the injunction is granted before the spring rains, bacteria in the waste could pose a health threat to thousands of visitors.

Myoda also testified that manure from an estimated 200,000 cattle raised in the watershed proved a better environment for bacteria to grow in, instead of the poultry litter that is spread on farm fields as a dust-like material and exposed to sunlight that kills contaminants.

Source: KTEN

5m Editor