Alpharma Announces ActiShield™; the Liquid Insecticide

US - Alpharma, a leading global animal health company, has announced today the availability of ActiShield™ a broad-spectrum pyrethroid pesticide for use by poultry and livestock producers.
calendar icon 15 April 2008
clock icon 3 minute read

ActiShield (bifenthrin) is a liquid-concentrate product that couples long-duration potency against pests with an unprecedented safety profile for animals and humans.

ActiShield is intended for use in poultry and livestock production facilities for the control of a wide spectrum of economically important insects, including litter beetles, mites, flies, roaches, spiders, bed bugs, fleas, silverfish, and wasps. Studies have demonstrated the superior efficacy of ActiShield in controlling pests and faster knockdown at lower application rates when compared to other pyrethroids. ActiShield is particularly well-suited for control of darkling beetles (litter beetles) in poultry houses, pests that can reduce bird performance, damage buildings, elevate feed costs, and increase disease risks.

The excellent safety profile of bifenthrin is another distinct feature that sets ActiShield apart from other pest-control solutions. ActiShield is safe enough for use in buildings occupied by poultry or livestock, and the product is virtually non-toxic to birds and mammals. Furthermore, during application, ActiShield is odorless and will not cause skin irritation to the user when used as directed.

ActiShield is expected to become the product-of-choice in rotation programs, which are critical for preserving the efficacy of all pest-control products. ActiShield controls pests resistant to other pyrethroids and other classes of insecticides. Thus, ActiShield is a valuable tool for any production facility, both as part of a strategic pesticide rotation program as well as a spot treatment.

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